Jordan Classic

I attended the game and took some note on the players. It’s an all star game, but it was a fun look at some of the guys.


*****All Star Game, to be taken with grain of salt***** Also, I attended this game, so all notes were on first glance. 


⁃ Very slight, especially lower body

⁃ Pushed off drives, weaker core

⁃ Long and contests at rim

⁃ Low release point shot

⁃ Doesn’t move well on court (probably because of size)


⁃ Aggressive off bounce attacking paint and getting to spot

⁃ Great frame, strong now and uses it

⁃ Shot looks better than last year, form solid

⁃ Change of pace

⁃ Handle needs a little work

⁃ Nice pass off to Bol

⁃ Got back on defense – ran back

⁃ Strong attacking rim – nice two foot leaper


⁃ Form improved, less elbow

⁃ First shot diff from second two

⁃ Third one went in. Looks better with time

⁃ Nice handle, smooth with ball

⁃ Shot looks meh off dribble

– Has some muscle on him, and looks like he can add a little more. Long with + wingspan

– Wished he used size/quickness off bounce more getting into paint. It’s an all star game, but I wanted to see him attack more instead of settling for jumpers.


⁃ Head up

⁃ Game manager

⁃ Not rushed at all, good pace

⁃ Mid range going left off dribble

⁃ Came back to play defense. In an all star game. Credit to him

⁃ Gets to spots off screens (and generally)

⁃ Not long

⁃ Looks to push ahead


⁃ Low-ish release, but shot is good.

⁃ Plus vision and makes quick decisions

⁃ Tight handle

⁃ Quick with ball

⁃ Tried to split double behind back, but might be playing to type of game


⁃ Nice finish in paint

⁃ Airball FT

⁃ Before game, not taking seriously

⁃ Long, skinny ish but frame is not bad

⁃ Bad pull up 3

⁃ Gave up baseline off fake hand off

⁃ Skill set isn’t there

⁃ Least competitive player in an already non-competitive game?


⁃ Thin and decently long?

⁃ Form there for shot long term

⁃ Very small / thin shoulders. Bad frame

⁃ Weak going up against Swider with hands up in paint

⁃ Came back just after weak paint attempt with block on Langford

⁃ Not particularly quick laterally

⁃ Needs more skill work – no skill set

-G-League will be a rough wake up call for him


⁃ Projectable as shooter w/form – hit three in second

⁃ Touch around rim/left hand over Bol

⁃ Strong frame, smooth athlete, long?

– Looks like a strong 2 going forward.

Emmit Williams

⁃ Good frame and strong, but doesn’t look particularly long

⁃ Two great rotations on same play, foul on second. Was trying on defense and playing with high energy. Was impressed he was going that hard in this setting.

⁃ Active

⁃ Strong athlete but not explosive in terms of height – good athlete, not great? Looked explosive on windmill, but looks like he glides up instead of exploding up

⁃ Active In paint

⁃ Took charge

⁃ Strong in paint


⁃ Listed as PF, looks like SF – maybe small ball 4?

⁃ Nice finish through contact on break

⁃ Shot in front of head. Line drive ish, needs more arc


⁃ Looks decently long. Not super long, but + wingspan

⁃ Nice shot with nice form. Compact.


⁃ Contests everything at rim / active on defense at rim

⁃ Looks comfortable shooting from outside even though nothing went in


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