Kevin Huerter Scouting Report

Kevin Huerter – SG

Scouting Report on Kevin Huerter.

**Clip breakdown at bottom.**


  • 6’7.25 in sneakers, 6’7.5 wingspan, 8’5.5 standing reach –
    • Not long for position.
  • 194 lbs
    • Could definitely add 10 pounds, maybe 15 (might be pushing it), as he gets trained by NBA trainers.


  • Not particularly athletic on tape, but tested out well at the combine and is still pretty shifty in game.
  • Has a solid first step off the bounce and can get by guys, but he is not someone who will iso and just blow right by you time and time again (unless there is some action getting the defense moving beforehand).
  • Not a quick twitch athlete but moves well on the court – kind of glides around in the Klay Thompson mold. Explosiveness and rising over people is not there at the rim or in the paint – he is able to finish because of touch using good angles, and footwork (89th percentile around rim).
  • I could see his athleticism being a small issue at the next level, but he is smart on both ends of the court and I still see him as good rotation player (at worst) going forward.
  • There might be an adjustment period for paint finishing, but it shouldn’t be a long term problem (especially as he gets stronger and used to the NBA game).

Brief Summary:

  • Elite shooter who shows playmaking ability
  • Can score at all three levels and has some crafty finishes in the paint with nice touch
  • Can see the floor well, but forces a pass here and there
  • Improved ability getting to line and is comfortable attacking rim, but prefers the jumper
  • Not advanced dribble set, but it’s solid.
  • Good defender – stays in front of guys, knows how to help defend and rotates well, and doesn’t go for steals. Intuitive.
  • High IQ on both ends. Often directs other guys on the court where to go, either in help defense or getting the offensive player to go to a certain spot to create extra space.
  • Excellent reading the defense when he’s playing off ball


16-17 9.3 4.9 (.7/4.3) 2.7 42 71.4 37.1% 55.4 54.4 111.7/99.1
17-18 14.8 5.9 (1/4.1) 3.4 50.3 75.8 41.7 64 61.6 119.0/102.9
16-17 .133 3.8 3.5
17-18 .165 6.4 2.3


Synergy stats (Percentile ranking)

Spot up Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) Off Dribble Off Screen Isolation Post Up PnR Scoring Around Basket
88th 73rd (46th / 81st) 82nd 67th 100th  (not a typo) N/A 55th 89th

Elite shooter from all three stages. Potential for 50/40/90 long term, but mid 40s/40/high 80s (maybe 90?) seems more likely.

  • Has NBA range now and defenses will need to guard him past the NBA three, adding an extra spacing element to the offense.
  • Perfect form on his shot and does an excellent job squaring up on the catch so there is less time for the defender to recover to him and contest.
    • Quick compact release with no wasted movement
  • Glides around the court. No herky-jerky movements.
    • Similar to Klay Thompson in the way he moves around.
  • Reads his man well and sets his man up for the incoming action. As you’ll see in one of the clips below, when his man overplays the pindown, Huerter does a good job setting up his man for that play and then cutting backdoor.
    • Also spent a good amount of time roaming baseline – would often read and replace when the ball was on the extended elbow and the ball handler would start moving to the top of the key (he found open spaces).
  • Not very athletic in game around the paint, but his nice touch really shows here – able to finish through (and around) contact. 89th percentile around the basket.
  • Can create for himself in isolation situations (Synergy stats are a smaller sample size) – can pull into a jumper or drive to the rim.
    • Comfortable driving off isolations (24/27 iso possessions this year ended in drives, which is a small sample but base is there).
  • Even though he doesn’t have an explosive first step/burst, but it’s pretty quick and his jumper makes the defense close out harder / play closer to him – this opens up the drive.
    • When they close out too hard on him, he’s comfortable pump faking and either waiting for the defender to jump by him (and either shoot it or reset his feet and then shoot) or take a dribble in and shoot it.
  • Can shoot off a variety of actions – pindowns, floppy, catch and shoot, off bounce, etc. Likes flaring to the line in transition and secondary break action. Defenses will have to communicate or they will get burned by his movements.
  • Lower FT% relative to his three point percentage is a bit odd, but this is an easy fix with more practice. I don’t think this is an issue at all going forward – just needs more reps.
    • Looks like he spent the offseason improving his already high level three point shot, which is understandable.
    • No reason to think he won’t become a mid 80s FT shooter at the lowest.
  • He’s still primarily a jump shooter (188/274 of his half court attempts came as jumpers – 86th percentile in PPP for half court jump shots), even though his FTA and aggressiveness in attacking the paint increased between his freshman and sophomore year.
    • Would like to see him use his jumper more to set up his drive (even though this did look better during his sophomore campaign)
    • Looks like he got a little stronger between his freshman and sophomore years, which would explain the uptick in FTA (FTr went up from .106 to .307).
    • FTr is just just below Klay’s during his sophomore season – Klay was at .342.
    • When he decides to drive, he does it with a purpose and can finish with both hands and through contact
  • 92nd percentile in looking for his shot coming out of single coverage in PnR – 23% foul rate, too. Roughly 1/3 of his PnR single coverage attempts ended in an attack to the rim.
    • This number drops to 29th percentile overall (shots and passes) when the defense commits (switches, traps, help/hedges, etc). This could be an issue going forward playing against more athletic players.
  • Honestly should have gotten more looks this year. Maybe he could have been more aggressive in looking for his shot? Was sometimes ignored when he had the open look – both jumpers and cutting back door.

Passing and Handle:

Year Assist Turnover Assist% Turnover%
16-17 2.7 1.4 17.8 14.2
17-18 3.4 2.5 20.3 17.8

Handle needs to tighten up – not loose, but not tight. Can always improve.

    • Does not have an advanced dribble set – very fundamental/basic moves
  • Is a little turnover prone because of the passes he tries to make (especially hitting the role man – 20.6% turnover rate here.
    • Some of the passes should not be attempted because of the tight squeeze
  • However, he has nice touch on passes and can get the ball through in tight spots – just needs to learn to pick his spots a bit better
  • Can run the PnR well – does nice job looking the roll man away and can hit a spot up shooter. Can also hit the dive man.
  • Easy swing passer – does not hold the ball long.
  • When chased off the jumper, he does a good job driving and kicking
  • Not a primary facilitator, but could work as a secondary creator and definitely as a third creator.
  • Putting him with one rim runner and spacers will do wonders for him because he has the vision – just needs the extra space to get some passes through
  • Has some issues facing pressure (defense committing) in PnR – flustered at times.
    • 43rd percentile hitting role man in these situations and 44th hitting spot ups (both considered “average” in this context, but still lots of room for improvement – turns over on 30% of these situations)


Year TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB%
16-17 4.9 (.7/4.3) 9.5
17-18 5.0(1/4.1) 8.8

Not a particularly great rebounder overall. He’s not going to kill you on the defensive glass, but he won’t go out there and grab 7+ on a consistent basis – would like to see him get 5+

  • Boxes out and goes after the ball
    • Looks to find someone to box when the ball is up
    • Good boxing out positioning, but needs to work on explosiveness out of stance or could get outrebounded in the pros
  • Doesn’t crash much on the offensive glass because he is mainly playing the perimeter


Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Off Screen Isolation Hand Off Post Up
48th 88th 88th 85th 69th 94th

High IQ and knows where to be/how to rotate,

  • Active feet off ball and does a good job of keeping an eye on his man while seeing what’s going on with the play
  • Can sometimes get lost in the action and lose track of his man – part of the reason why his spot up Synergy stats are lower than the others
  • Needs to work on closing out with hand up and can hesitate when closing out on the perimeter
  • Does good job hedging down on the big from the perimeter when big has the ball
  • Does a good job fighting over screens and recovering when he’s caught behind his man
  • Even though he tested well at the NBA Combine, his in-game athleticism leaves an impression that he could get abused a little by more athletic players in the pros.
    • I don’t think he’ll be a doorman/sieve, but it might take him a bit before he is able to guard the most athletic players on the perimeter – his IQ and defensive fundamentals should help quell some worries here, though.
  • He’s good and off ball when running with man, but, as I said above, can work on closing out
  • Hustles back in transition.
  • Talks when he has the play in front of him – look at the clip below. He directs his teammate to rotate to strong side while Huerter takes his man. Great recognition / direction there.
    • *Should note he also did leave the man he switched onto once the shot went up to get back to his man – would have preferred he stuck with the switch man*
  • Low steal rate is not indicative of his defense – he simply doesn’t gamble for steals
  • Can overplay the players when he thinks they are running up to catch ball at top of the key – reacts before the action actually happens.

Clips (explanation below clip)

  • Here we have Huerter using the drag screen and hitting the roll man for an easy finish

  • Huerter PnR examples. First video he looks the help defender away from the role man and hits him with a pass once the help de-commits. Second clip hits the role man with the easy lob

  • Directs his teammate to help as Huerter rotates down. Great defensive recognition, but he left the biggest rebounding threat to go back to his man – should have stayed.

  • Goes over screen when he should have gone under (left WAY too much open space for a lob that the offense just missed), but then does a good job with lock and trail with a solid contest after that.

  • Tries to force a pass to the baseline man leading to a turnover – hustles back and helps stop the fast break. When his man cut off the ball, he’s in good defensive position seeing his man and the ball leading with his hand to prevent the pass

  • Huerter forces turnover and leads break for an and 1. Nice touch around rim there, too.

  • Huerter cuts through to block and directs teammate to go further up to clear the corner for an open 3 – nice read, direct, and replace

  • Nice job finding the open man after looking away the defender at the top – nice use of shoulder/ball fake to get defender off balance

  • Huerter running off two screens (setting one also) coming to top for easy 3 – great motion. Ready to catch and shoot upon receiving ball.

  • Iso situation – nice change of speed, hesitation, and finish through contact.

  • Nice job getting over screen and contesting pass (just to make offensive player put a bit more air under it allowing Huerter’s teammate to recover). Does a good job pushing his man to the corner (where the help is) but coming to the middle to draw the charge – great help defense.

  • Got caught up in screen (even though he went under it, which is odd), but recovers by forcing Miles into the help defense.

  • Just love the activity on this play. He’s moving his hands, feet, and head on defense. Great awareness.

  • Overplayed the pindown and allowed Miles to go backdoor – bad defense there. Should have known to force to the top of the key with Miles’ athleticism / cutting ability (very smart play from Miles).

  • Huerter catch and shoot. Squares up and releases quickly.

  • Gave up strong hand allowing offensive player to get to middle – bad defense here in general, but he did stay in front keeping ball handler away from rim.

  • Motion offense gets defense on toes, Huerter uses the threat of him running up for the three to set up the backdoor cut and finish. Does a great job setting his man up and reading the defense.

  • Just an easy catch and shoot.

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