Robert Williams Scouting Report

Robert Williams – Center  

Scouting report on Robert Williams

**Clip breakdown at bottom.**

Measurements: 6’9-6’10, 7’4, ~240 lbs

  • Undersized for 5 in height with great length
  • Around 240lbs, but does not play that strong…which is an issue. Needs to care more / push back. Has room to fill out his frame a bit more.

Athleticism / Athletic Testing:

  • Good/explosive athlete vertically (good lob target) and horizonally
  • Can block shots out of position because of length + athleticism
  • Can move laterally when he is engaged / wants to
  • Can contest shots out of position because of length + athleticism


  • Probably best used in a similar role as DeAndre Jordan and Clint Capella in the PnR rim protecting role
  • Very limited offensive game out of the paint (essentially non-existent). Can post up a little going to right hand, no jump shot.
    • Finishes very well in paint
  • Good rebounder, should be better with athleticism + size. However, does not box out and gets by simply because he’s more athletic and longer than other guys (which will not work in pros).
  • Has quickness to switch on defense, which is good in today’s NBA. Do not want guarding stretch 4s full time, though. Needs to work on footwork.
  • Motor runs hot and cold on both ends + transition (lackadaisical attitude). Needs a coach who will push the right buttons and teach him the fundamentals, because he looks lost there sometimes.
  • Questionable offensive / defensive awareness.
  • Did not add to game / arsenal between freshman and sophomore year.


16-17 11.9 8.2 1.4 55.8 59 2.5/.7 57 56.2 113.5/95.7
17-18 10.4 9.2 1.4 63.2 47.1 2.6/.8 61.4 63.2 113.8/90.2
16-17 .180 2 1.6
17-18 .184 1.5 2



This Past Season’s Synergy stats (Percentile ranking )

Spot up Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) PnR Roll OReb (put back) Post Up Transition Around Basket
 1 0 (3/0) 32 73 82 94 97

Very very limited offensive game

  • Basically 7 feet in and in, but even that is pushing it.
    • Really limited to a paint finisher and finished from the dunker’s spot
  • Can finish at the rim/in paint and has great athleticism to finish above the rim
    • Good lob target
    • 84% at rim, 74% around basket (non post up situations)
  • Can improve hands
    • Brings ball down on drop offs/offensive rebounds. Needs to do a better job of keeping the ball high at the rim – lower the ball comes down, the easier it is for guards to rip it away
    • Shots in paint come off hard/stiff. Not the best touch around the rim, way more comfortable going right.
  • Can finish through contact
  • Takes some questionable shots and force jumpers. That he took any jump shots at all, let alone three pointers this year that weren’t with time running out makes me question his shot selection at times. 8/37 on jumpers in halfcourt (4th percentile) and 3/25 on catch and shoot in half court (0 percentile).
  • If he stops taking jumpers and limits himself to paint finishes, his efficiency would go up. He’s not a shooter. At all.
  • Not really a true post up big, even though the Synergy stats paint him as one. He can finish with a drop step/baby hook going to his right hand (loves going over his left shoulder), but no counter moves. Also way more effective and comfortable on left block (90th percentile) than in middle 55th percentile) or right block (52nd). Nearly half of his post ups came from the left block. No left hand.
    • Cut turnover % from freshman to sophomore year in post
  • Does not assert himself like he can on offense end – not a great screen setter (flimsy), does not demand ball when he has mismatch, and floats in and out of games.
  • Questionable offensive feel
  • Has very limited range – unless he becomes an elite rim runner like Clint Capella or DeAndre Jordan, he needs to look to at least add some sort of 10-15 footer. Thing is, his form needs work.
  • Motor is very inconsistent and walks/jogs too much.
  • Good passing target on lobs and post ups (can get to passes that get away too high or too wide).
  • Can run on break when he wants to – just does not push himself often / sprint in transition often. 94th percentile in transition, but only 13% of his offense came in transition. He’s too athletic for a number to be that low. Motor runs hot and cold.
  • The one thing that I kept wondering is how would he play Texas A&M played him as a 5 instead of a 4? Seemed like they always went with two bigs when he was on the court, and Williams is clearly not a 4. If they had played him with 4 floor spacers, he might have looked better because of more space? Cannot prove this, just thinking out loud here.
  • Very limited with left hand.
  • Has potential as PnR threat, but hot and cold with motor – needs to be more aggressive / assertive running paint.

Passing and Handle:

Year Assist Turnover Assist% Turnover% USG%
16-17 1.4 1.7 12 14.3 23.6
17-18 1.4 1.7 10.8 17 19

Handle is not good – loose and high. Don’t expect him to create for himself or others off the dribble or grab and go.

    • Makes some questionable drives into to contact.
    • Not turnover prone in post once putting ball on floor, but tries to force shots up after awkward moves.
  • Is not a bad passer for a big, but far from a top tier one. Has solid vision for a big, but, again, not elite.
  • Can pass out of the post pretty well – 84th percentile passing out of post (26% of postups), but can let pressure rush his decisions leading to turnovers.


Year TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB% (oRB%/dRB%)
16-17 8.2 (3/5.1) 17.6 (13.6/21.2)
17-18 9.2(2.4/6.9) 18.9 (10.2/26.8)

Good offensive rebounder, although percentages dipped this year.

  • Good defensive rebounder, but should be better with his athleticism (bar is higher for him, fair or unfair, because of that).
    • Can definitely look to be more aggressive going after the ball in air, but he does it nicely on occasion – want to see more fire there.
  • Major issues with his lack of boxing out (see clips below) – just doesn’t do it. He never finds a man and just goes for the board with his athleticism. This will work in college because he’s bigger and more athletic than the vast majority of guys he’s going against, but he needs work here for the NBA.
  • As mentioned above, someone with his athleticism (and strength) should be grabbing more boards per game.


All Spot Up PnR Roll Post Up Isolation
51 (good) 38 (average) 13 81

Has quickness to switch, but schemes had him hedging (or trying to) or dropping instead.

  • Has the quickness to hedge and recover, and did it well on occasion, but would sometimes take a terrible angle giving up the sideline letting the ball handler get around him.
  • Has potential to switch onto smaller players / defend perimeter on occasion, but not someone you want chasing stretch 4s. Does not have good footwork at the moment guarding the perimeter.
  • Can close out on perimeter shooters quickly. Can contest even when slightly further away than he should be because of length + athleticism à 70th percentile defending half court jump shots, 63rd in catch and shoot.
  • Can defend isolations (81st percentile), but small sample size (19 possessions) and needs to improve footwork (see above). Stays in front using athleticism.
  • Loses focus too much. Either ball watches or only watches his man (doesn’t know how to keep track of man and ball), slow to rotate, and doesn’t keep track of his man like he should.
  • Bites on too many pump fakes and goes for blocks when he simply shouldn’t – should be staying back and going for the board, instead (especially in far floaters).
  • That said, he is a good shot blocker…but not a great rim/paint protector – 31st percentile defending the paint
  • Poor paint defender – 13th percentile on all post ups.
    • Does a nice job sticking his hands through on the pass, but loses his man on cross screens
    • Does solid job pushing guy out beyond the block, but gets bodied way too easily once ball gets to the man – needs to get way stronger and learn positioning / hand placement in post.
  • With his athleticism, he should be one of the first players back on defense…but he tends to jog back slowly instead. Doesn’t run to spots – walks.
  • As with offense, he does not assert himself and tends to float in and out of games.
  • Questionable defensive IQ – when watching, seems to me like he’s an athlete playing basketball and not a basketball player who’s athletic. Shades of early DeAndre Jordan – but need someone to mold him to become the player he was the last few seasons prior to this one where his defense dropped off.


  • RW using right hand hook. Does good job at getting defender on back and using right hand, although movement a bit awkward.

  • Shows ability to stay with perimeter ball handlers on switch. However, crosses feet instead of sliding.

  • Strong paint finish in traffic, but brings ball down

  • Does good job staying on feet on first close out until help comes, then completely botches second close out going for the fake.

  • Again, as in the previous clip does a good job closing out on the first play and then botches the second one bitng on the fake.

  • Had mismatch in post and an easy entry pass on the baseline, but didn’t keep defender on the back (offensive player didn’t pass in either) and let the defender get over. If he kept his defender on his right side, would have had easy dunk.

  • Lazy on transition defense (motor). 5th guy back is unacceptable – he’s too athletic / mobile for that.

  • Closed out pretty well (might have been too hard), caught flat footed when he made move, but then slid well and recovered for the block.

  • Double team came in post and he got flustered, rushed, and turned ball over.

  • 8 seconds in, completely turned away from the ball. Needs to keep eye on man and ball

  • Weak flare screen from Williams – turned before defender even got to him.

  • Does a nice job keeping defender on back (but does it lazily), uses length to catch passes slightly outside of range, and has a nice right handed baby hook (does not use bottom foot to seal for drop step).

  • Bad jumper here – should not have taken.

  • Nice recover / rotation to the perimeter, but poor footwork on the closeout allowed player to get drive on him. Williams length / athleticism let him recover to block the shot.–Qg&

  • Lets Ayton get in front, uses hands to poke ball away on pass

  • Does nice job pushing Ayton off the block and using his length to take away passing angle.

  • Nice job pushing Ayton off block, forced left, quick hands when Ayton spun right.

  • Face up jumper miss – watch form, not smooth.

  • Nice recovery to open man after hedging (ran to him faster than usual, but still could recover faster.

  • Shot IQ – why is he taking this shot? He should not be.

  • Uses length to get steal and runs in transition for the dunk

  • No box out.

  • Terrible angle in PnR defense – should have cut off angle, but gave up sideline. He’s too athletic for this.

  • Again, terrible / lazy PnR defense. This should not be happening with his athleticism – this was a motor issue.

  • Poor defensive awareness on cross screen. Does not see ball AND man.

  • Good job closing out on the three in the PnP

  • Athletic finish over defense, but brought ball down.

  • Lazy transition defense.

  • Good tag on the roll man, then turns back to the ball and away from the play. Does not see ball and man.

  • FT form

  • Missed box out. Again.

  • Missed box out and then jumped too early for block.

  • Lob target

  • Rim protection / contest

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