Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Scouting Report

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – PG

Scouting report for Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

*Clip breakdowns at bottom of page. Should note it takes a while to load the clips…*

Measurements: 6’6 in sneakers, 8’8 standing reach, 6’11.5 wingspan, 180lbs

  • Great height for point (and ¾ inch above average for SG)
  • Great standing reach for 1-2 (only .5 inches below average for the 3)
  • Great wingspan for 1-2 (.5 above average for 3)
  • 180 lbs is light for both guard positions. Needs to get stronger, but can his frame handle it without compromising athleticism? Not sure…frame isn’t that great.

Athleticism / Athletic Testing:

  • Measured 36 inch vertical at Kentucky Pro Day (not particularly good based on results from Chicago combine).
  • 3/4 sprint was slow at Kentucky Pro Day (3.36) – 4th slowest at Chicago Combine
  • Solid athlete, does not have great burst
  • Not particularly quick laterally
  • Shifty with ball in hands – great body control
  • Takes contact well for someone as slight as he is (this is something that should continue to get better as he gets stronger)
  • Does not have great top end speed


  • Nice IQ player who can attack rim, make plays for others, and defend with length
  • Crafty handle with nice dribble step, shows nice finishing ability
  • Little confidence in jumper – did not take many
  • 40% on threes, very low volume…but 80% from FT line bodes well for long term potential shooting 3s
  • Good vision, but slightly turnover prone
  • Smooth player attacking rim and attacks often.


17-18 14.4 4.1 5.1 48.5 81.7 .5/1.6 57.8 51.6 116.8/101.8
17-18 .167 5.6 3.6



Past Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking)

Spot up Catch&Shoot Half Court (guarded/unguarded) Off Dribble Transition Iso PnR Scoring Around Basket
 57 94 (99/61) 65 35 41 86 64

High IQ – good job running team, mixing up scoring and passing, and being a floor general.

  • Not a great shooter by any means, but shows potential
    • Needs to tweak form a bit + does not get much rise on jumper (and it is a little slow)
  • 57th percentile on all spot up looks (considered “good”). Slight drop in catch, but nice follow through
  • 94th percentile in catch and shoot (half court) was only 39 total possessions, but was 18/39 on those shots.
  • Comfortable driving left into a dribble jumper – less comfortable going right (and shot looks awkward)
  • In single coverage isolations, heavily prefers drives (47/49)
  • Shows some really crafty finishes in the paint (right and left hand).
  • Nice touch on floater (including from baseline, which is difficult)
    • Should continue to improve here
  • Excellent job looking for offense in PnR – 86th percentile scoring (77/147)
    • 16% foul rate
    • Almost always uses screen (135/175 used screen instead of rejecting)
    • Nice job mixing up jumpers, runners, and attacking basket (40, 32, 55 plays respectively)
      • Very comfortable taking dribble jumpers (77th percentile) off of screen
    • As mentioned above, does not have elite burst or top end speed (probably why transition numbers are lower than expected) – only 94 of 561 possessions used were in transition (35th percentile scoring)
    • Nice job drawing fouls
    • Good FT shooter (80%+) – bodes well for long term potential from three, even if only as spot up shooter
    • 40%+ on threes, but on very low volume – 1.5 attempts per game. The potential is there, but don’t trust the % with the volume.
    • Looks to get to paint / rim on drives – 44% of shots came at rim, finishing at 61%, and only 14% were assisted – creating a lot for himself
    • Can drive into traffic in occasion

Passing and Handle:

Year Assist Turnover Assist% Turnover% USG%
17-18 5.1 2.7 28.8 17.7 21.9

Good vision – makes some plays that make you say “wow” (corner pass to Knox below), turnover issues / turnover prone (some are bad passes, some are loose handle)

  • Good and willing passer
  • Good dribble sets – nice hesitation, cross, spin movies, change of speed (REALLY does this well), and eurostep / step through moves. Can pull together multiple moves at once –example, lull defender to sleep with cross then burst.
    • BUT, Handle needs to tighten up because it can get high and loose at times
  • Does not have great first step (solid, not great) – will need some movement or a screen to take guy off dribble and get defense to commit to him
    • However, first step does look good at times – not explosively, but crafty
  • Uses screens very well and sets defender up
    • But, almost always uses the screen – should work on rejecting it as well, making it more difficult for defense to set up to defend him
  • When defense commits (sends extra help) in isolations, almost always passes (24/25 possessions)
    • Can get sped up at times and give up dribble
  • Great job getting into the paint / to his spots. Except for when the defense sends extra help, he does a nice job playing at his pace
  • Good drive and kick passer
  • Nice job seeing the court in PnR (his pace comes into play here)– can hit spot ups, cutters, roll man (63rd percentile overall – but below Young, Shamet, Brunson, Roach, and other lead guards)
    • 56th percentile hitting role man (good)
    • 60th percentile hitting spot up (good – more variables included because it is up to teammate hitting shot)
    • 63rd percentile hitting cutters (good)
  • Turnovers from passing out of PnR are an issue – 10% of possessions, ranking 121/172 out of players with more than 150 possessions running play)
  • Good job mixing PnR up – 499 total possessions, 218 he looked for his shot, 281 passes
  • Even with slight frame, does a nice job keeping balance on drives (which is why he has some nice finishes)
  • Nice timing on passes in drive and kicks/drop offs
  • When he does show his burst, it’s usually coming off of a dribble move and lulling defender / catching defender off guard or flat footed


Year TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB% (oRB%/dRB%)
17-18 4.1 (.9/3.2) 6.8 (3.2/10.0

Good rebounder for point guard, just solid for size

  • Does nice job crashing glass
  • Finds body to box out


Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Off Screen Iso Hand Off Post Up
66 (very good) 84 66 (very good) 40 (average) 32 51

High IQ

  • Solid defender with good instincts (lateral quickness is what is holding him back from being even better)
  • Lack of elite quickness makes it easier for opposing players to get to their spots – partially responsible for only being “average” in isolation situations. 35/43 possessions he defended in isolation ended up in drives to basket. Slighter frame also holds him back here because he can get bumped off his spot in drives.
  • Uses length well playing passing lanes and annoying opposing ball handlers in half court
    • What he doesn’t have in elite lateral athleticism, he uses his quick and active hands to help make up for it
  • Stays in stance, but can get caught reaching
  • Does a nice job sinking down and helping with 2+ plays off ball
  • Excellent at defending the PnR (84th percentile, only .587PPP, 36/121 shooting) forcing turnovers on ~23% of possessions
    • 81st percentile in single coverage PnR defense, which is “very good”
    • Does good job forcing ball handler into help
  • Uses length to help contest shots on spot ups – can get out to spots sooner even if a step away because of length
    • 77th percentile defending 3 pointers
  • As of now, needs more work defending post. Will probably get better as he gets stronger, but uses length adequately now in post up defense.



  • Does nice job using length to play passing lane (but should have helped on cutter who he left open)
  • Nice job driving and kicking, showing off spin move
  • Comfortable taking the ball left, nice hesitation, and running jumper/floater
  • Nice drive and kick to Knox – good vision
  • Example of spot up shot. Watch the form — more of a push shot, with a slight hitch at the top. Not smooth.
  • Nice change of pace on the right to left crossover. Gets by Carter (elite defender) and switches hands to finish with the left around Konate (also elite defender/rim protector).
  • Example of the dribble jumper going left. One of his 5 makes on the year.
  • Dribble jumper miss (going left). Still, going left looks much better than going right. Not really squared up to basket here.
  • Nice example of hesitation again with right to left crossover – got defender on heel with nice drop off pass to big
  • Example of potential coming off screen in catch and shoot. Read his defender nicely and instead of going up to catch the ball, he flared.
  • Poor post up defense – too upright, no leverage with legs, got pushed right to where the offensive player wanted to go. Needs to get stronger.
  • Change of pace in secondary transition leads to FT attempts with drive.
  • Drive and kick to Knox – best pass I’ve seen from him this year.
  • Defense on Sexton. Allowed Sexton to drive strong hand, but uses length to poke ball away on drive.
  • Nice drive and did good job waiting until both defenders commited before passing ball to big for the dunk. Nice timing on pass.
  • Example of loose handle, but drew foul which was good.
  • Through the legs then burst into a floater. Came off a bit rough, but it went in (luck here, maybe?)
  • Strong finish with left hand
  • Again with the hesitation and doing a good job getting both defenders to commit before hitting the cutter.
  • Using length to get into passing lane (gave up a little towards end)
  • Drive left, righty floater.
  • FT form
  • Good defense all around – stayed in defensive position, helped when 2 passes away, stayed with man
  • Left handed finish (sorry about angle)
  • Rip through to behind the back and finish with mini floater through contact.
  • Put body on man to grab board
  • Beautiful eurostep for the assist
  • Another example of putting body on man to box and not just going for rebound

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