Kevin Knox Scouting Report

Kevin Knox – Small Forward / Combo Forward   

Scouting report for Kevin Knox.

*Scouting video at bottom of page*


Height (in sneakers) Weight Wingspan Reach
6’9 212.6 6’11.75 9’
+1.25 SF, .5 below PF -5.4 SF, -22.4 PF .75+ SF, 1.5 below PF +3.5 SF, .75 PF


  • Not a great athlete in terms of explosiveness, but is smooth
  • Good movement patterns – no herky jerky moves, lands softly after finishes
  • Nice change of pace running around screens and can set man up well
  • Not fast in transition.


  • Has potential in a combo forward role
  • Can shoot it from mid-range and from deep, but not consistent
    • Likes 1-2 dribble into jumper
  • Nice job running around screens
  • Stays in defensive stance on man, but does consistently help well
  • Motor is low and does not play with energy throughout the whole game. Stands around on offense and defense
  • Not going to create for himself in isolation or for others
    • Average handle, weak left hand
  • Does not play physical and I think plays smaller than size – needs to get stronger.
    • Shies away from contact at times.


17-18 15.6 5.4 1.4 44.5 77.4 .3/.8 55.6 51 109.4/102.8
17-18 .133 3.4 1.4



Past Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking)

Spot up Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) Off Dribble Off Screen Isolation Transition PnR Scoring Around Basket
 58 44 (33/57) 82 53 10 49 85 62

Motor runs hot and cold. Lots of standing around, does not always play with aggression, and can go long stretches without making an impact. This leads into his inconsistent showing on game to game basis.

  • Even though only in 58th percentile in spot ups, shows good potential there. Versatile in off ball scoring – runners, catch and shoot, and drives.
    • I think this is something that can improve because he shows FLASHES of good form.
      • What I mean by flashes is one shot he appears to fully follow through, but the next one he stops short and releases with his elbow still bent, thus creating inconsistent shooting results (and a lower % than you’d like).
    • When chased off the line (or when he sees an angle), he does a nice job with a 1-2 dribble pull up (82nd percentile, 23/51 shooting) and rip through drives
  • 53rd percentile running off screens. This is where Cal was using him a lot – either as the main focus on offense, or as a decoy. 34/73 on all shots off screen. He’s not lightning fast running around screens, but he does a nice job setting his man up. If he is ever able to play small ball 4, this will be something that I can see his team exploiting because most 4s are not comfortable running off screens.
  • Excellent cutting off ball. Does a good job finding the open spot when the defense sags too far off or turns back. 99th65th percentile on offensive rebounds, but only 26 possessions (0 turnovers). Someone his size playing the 3 in college should have had more offensive rebounds – was not a factor on the glass.
  • Can lead break (93rd percentile), but is not great in transition – 49th percentile is “average.” Finishing 44/77 of shots in transition is not particularly good and should be higher.
    • Has potential for grab and go, but did not show as much as he should – has to do more with low rebounding numbers maybe? Only 30 transition possessions as lead man.
  • 62nd percentile around basket, while considered “good” in general, for someone his size is not. He’s 6’9, long, and athletic. There is no reason why he should only be finishing 37/66 shots around the rim. Only 6% foul rate around the rim is low as well.
  • On top of his jumper, showed some promise with a mini runner / floater. 70thGoing back to uses screens well – 85th percentile in PnR offense for himself. 37 total possessions so it’s with a limited sample size, but there is a solid base here.
  • Very reliant on jumpshots – would have liked to see him attack rim more with size.
  • Shot selection can use some work.

Passing and Handle:

Year Assists Turnover Assist% Turnover% USG%
17-18 1.4 1.7 8.7 14.1 24.6

Very limited with handle, thus limiting his iso ability and creativity for self and others

  • Does not see the court very well on perimeter. Can swing that’s about it.
    • However, does have nice vision in paint
  • In iso situations, does not find open shooters – 22/26 isos were Knox looking for own shot
  • Nice job passing ball out of post – 86th percentile, no turnovers on 17 possessions. Team scores 1.412 PPP on kickouts (17 possessions, small sample size – good base though). What’s impressive about his out of post passing is even when the defense commits or doubles, he still does not turn ball over passing
  • Shows potential in PnR passing – 74th percentile, but only 11 total possessions
    • Still needs work with decisions – 3 of the 11 possessions ended in turnovers.
  • Straight line driver without a diversified dribble set
    • Does not piece together multiple dribble moves
  • Likes rip through, 1-2 dribble jumper (see above)
    • Can turn this into dribble drop offs, too.
  • Not rushed when doubled on post or in paint – finds open guy.
  • Much stronger with right hand handle than left

Defense and Rebounding:

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Off Screen Isolation
62 15 83 76
STL% BLK% TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB% (oRB%/dRB%) TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB% (oRB%/dRB%)
1.5 1 5.4(.9/4.5) 9.3 (3.3/14.5) 5.4(.9/4.5) 9.3 (3.3/14.5)

As with offense, motor runs hot and cold – can go long stretches without making an impact on defense.

  • Can lose man off ball (does not always see ball and man) and poor in help defense (but shows flashes)
    • Focus issues losing man, does not rotate properly in help. Should be closer to action, but is weary to leave man, even when two passes away.
    • These are not always issues, though. There are times when he’s engaged off ball, stays in stance, and does a solid job seeing ball and man – it’s just not consistent.
    • There are times then you see him help and then does a nice job recovering, so he has that ability. Just needs to do it more consistently.
  • Does not use size well when rebounding (offensively and defensively).
    • Misses boxouts
  • Does not use length well in playing passing lanes (does use it well contesting, though) – low steal and block% for someone with his size. Needs to learn to use his length better – even if it’s just by keeping arms out.
    • However, shows at times that he can use his length to contest out of his area – 62nd percentile guarding spot ups and 80th defending all half court jump shots
    • Also does a solid job digging down with length on postups
  • When man is involved in off ball / screen action, does a nice job sticking with him – 83rd Does not force turnovers, but also has low foul percentage as well.
  • Needs work in PnR coverage – 15th Gets hung up on screens – 32 of 37 PnR coverages he ended up running into screen but can do a decent job recovering with length.
  • 80th percentile in isolation coverage – makes sense, because this goes back to his awareness. When he is not asked to make decisions on defense (just asked to straight up defend), he does well – gets in stance, hands out (not fully, not sort of half-massed…should be fully out, though).
  • Uses length well around basket (62nd percentile), but this is just from length – does not push back in paint. As previously mentioned, given his length, his percentile rank should be higher (and PPP given up should be lower in these situations). Must get stronger.
  • As previously mentioned, uses length well in contesting jumpers.
  • Not a fan of transition defense – goes back to motor.
  • Not great at closing out on perimeter (doesn’t take short choppy steps and can cross feet when sliding)
    • Prone to biting on pump fakes on perimeter and drives
  • Not a hustle guy / someone who is going to get on the floor and do the dirty work

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