Lonnie Walker Scouting Report

Lonnie Walker – Shooting Guard 

Scouting report for Lonnie Walker.

*Scouting video at bottom of page*

YouTube breakdown at bottom

Measurements (against SG below; he’s above average for PG:

Height (in sneakers) Weight Standing Reach Wingspan
6’4.5 196 8’3.5 6’10.25
.75 inches below avg 6lbs below average 1.5 inches below avg 1.75 above avg

Athleticism & Frame:

  • Explosive athlete, both laterally and vertically
  • Quick and active hands and feet
  • Quick riser – not someone who takes a while to get up to peak reach
    • Nice second jump
  • Should be able to continue to get stronger without compromising athleticism.


  • Shooting guard, maybe long term can play some combo guard next to creator wings
  • High level defender when engaged (can lose track off ball)
    • Fundamentals are mostly solid – stays in stance with arms out and active
    • Help defense solid, but is prone to overhelping
  • Jump shot heavy
  • Limited vision and not a secondary creator
  • Shows some creative finishes, but then has some bad misses
  • Needs to work on shot selection
  • Very confident, which is a dual edged sword


17-18 11.5 2.6 1.9 41.5 73.8 .5/.9 52..7 50.3 109.4/102.9
17-18 .127 3.1 1.6

Offense: 66th percentile overall  


Past Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking)

Spot up Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) Off Dribble Off Screen Isolation Transition PnR Scoring Around Basket
51 48 (22, 97) 29 37 92 73 42 43
  • Questionable shot selection and takes too many off the dribble jumpers, even though he did show the ability to hit some throughout the season.
    • Looked pretty fluid on dribble jumpers (even with misses) going to the right or left
  • Solid in transition, but should be better with athleticism – only finished 33/60 in transition (13/26 as ball handler). Shows good body control, so it might come down to lack of touch and/or need for more reps in practice.
  • Excellent off ball cutter
  • Shows potential in catch and shoot situations – 97th percentile in unguarded situations is fantastic.
  • Isolation sets almost always end in his shot – 29/33 possessions are possessions in which he ends it (shot, FT, turnover). That said, he does a nice job mixing it up in isolation – 11 jumpers, 17 drives
  • PnR scoring could use some work – 42nd percentile overall, 28th percentile when in single coverage
    • As with isolation, does a nice job mixing it up between drives (29) and jumpers (31) after the screen was set.
    • Needs to better diversity in deciding to use the pick or reject it. 61 of 74 possessions dribbling off pick. Should better mix it up to keep defender on feet – easy to overplay when scouting report knows which way you’re going.
  • Does not get to FT line very much.

Passing and Handle:

Year Assists Turnover Assist% Turnover% USG%
17-18 1.9 1.2 13.0 9.6 22.4
  • Good, not great, handle. Could use some tightening up, but showed some nice dribble sets this year including a couple of times into jumpers.
  • Very limited vision – will not be creating for others and he does not pretend to have the ability. Would not run as lead guard.
    • Almost always looks for shot in iso (29/33 were his possessions).
    • Passes more in PnR (68/147 possessions in PnR were passes), but team did not hit many – 29th
      • Note – there are more variables in this equation than just his vision, but he does not make advanced reads – almost always picks the simple one and did not create for others this year well.
    • Swing passer when he wants to be.

Defense and Rebounding: 86th percentile overall on defense

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Off Screen Isolation
91 87 46 19
STL% BLK% TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB% (oRB%/dRB%)
2 1.8 2.6 (.4/2.2) 5.5 (1.7/9.2)
  • Not a good rebounder and would like to see him crash the boards more with his athleticism.
  • Overall, good defender who shows promise in a bunch of areas
  • Uses length to disrupt drives, deflect passes, and contest shots
    • 91st percentile defending spot ups. Even when he’s caught out of position, he has length and athleticism to contest the shot
    • Steal rate is surprisingly low for someone with his defensive ability. Gambles a bit, but overall pretty sound.
  • Excellent at point of attack on PnR – 87th Does good job getting over screen in PnR and getting back into position. Has long term switch potential for 1-3 (maybe 3) as he gets stronger. Forces turnovers on 43.8% of PnR Ball Handler offense possessions and 14 on all PnR Situations.
  • Good stance, but can open up too much closing out on perimeter
    • Another issue closing out is he gives up strong hand and/or middle too much. This is something that can be coached out.
  • Surprising to see he was only in 19th percentile in defending isolations. He stays in his stance in isolation and does not get blown by. Looks like limited sample size problem to me (20 total possessions).
  • Does great job in dribble jumpers – 74th percentile (9/29). Athleticism on display here because he’s able to stay with guys as they move and contest with length.
  • Overall good on help defense. He might be a little late to return to his man on occasion (have a clip in the YouTube video below), but he does a nice job cutting guys off on help and helping on bigs.
  • Some concern off ball when he ball watches / pays too much attention to the action and not his man, but overall does a pretty solid job seeing the ball and man. He’ll make a couple of questionable decisions off ball, but I thought there was more good than bad.
  • Contrasting his PnR coverage, he could use some work on off screen defense. Gets too wide sometimes/takes poor angles and other times is just late to the screen, but this is also coachable. Has some issues when his man is running off screen on far side when there is on ball action on other side. Should also look to get lower as he defends guys running around screens.

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