Zhaire Smith Scouting Report

Zhaire Smith – SG / undersized SF

Scouting report for Zhaire Smith.

*Scouting video at bottom of page*

Measurements (against SG below; he’s below average across the board for SF)

Height (in sneakers) Weight Standing Reach Wingspan
6’4 198.6 8’4 6’9.75
6’5.25 202 8’5 6’8.5


  • 5 max vert, 33 inches standing
  • 10 bench press reps at 185
  • Quick first step on offense, quick laterally on defense
  • Active hands
  • Quick leaper and effortless jumper


  • Raw on offense, solid defender
  • Shows good instincts on defense in help and recovery, as well as isolation.
    • Uses lateral quickness well
  • Knows how to use length and athleticism to contest shots
  • Looks to finish everything in the paint as a dunk, if he has enough space
  • Shows potential as a catch and shoot guy on a limited sample size (18/40)
  • Very limited handle and no isolation game.
  • Limited passing game and does not see the floor well
  • Texas Tech really limited his game on offense to paint finishes on dump offs, catch and shoot, and transition. Aside from that, he did damage on the offensive glass (61st percentile, 28/49)
  • Strength limits his finishing ability, which should be better due to his athleticism


17-18 11.3 5 1.8 55.6 71.7 1.1/1.1 61.8 58.8 128.7/95.1
17-18 .212 5.7 6.4



Past Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking )

Spot up (off ball) Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) Off Screen Isolation Transition Around Basket
69 89 (33/100) 69 19 90 62
Year Assists Turnover Assist% Turnover% USG%
17-18 1.8 1.1 12.6 10.8 18.3
  • Limited offensive player and Texas Tech hid his weaknesses.
    • He was not asked to create for himself or others
    • Did not show vision even out of ordinary sets and would often drive into multiple defenders
    • 77% of his offense came from cuts, spot ups, transitions, offensive rebounds, and off screens
  • Limited handle and vision
    • Only 10% of his offense came from isolations (19th percentile, 6/25 shooting)
    • Solid rip through and blow by when he had mismatches – did it against Isaac Haas and Mo Bamba this year
    • Straight line driver with no advanced dribble moves (although showed spin move) / ability to piece together multiple moves
      • This is something that can be worked on, and the videos from over the summer look like he’s put in work
    • Left hand is weaker than right hand (same goes for finishing too) – 33rd percentile driving right, vs 16 for left
    • Showed some ability on drive and kicks (76th percentile), but it was a very limited sample size – 17 shots total. Did not make advanced reads.
    • Only used 13 times in PnR as ball handler.
  • Showed ability with catch and shoot on small sample size
    • Some of these were on the move too, which is impressive and shows that he should have the ability to improve going forward
    • Slight tweaks needed in form, but no major overhaul needed
    • Percentages dropped significantly from guarded (9/12) to unguarded (8/26). Again, this is something that should improve with more reps.
    • Showed some ability to catch, take a few dribbles, and take the jumper.
  • Great in transition
    • Looked to finish everything with a dunk, unless he was cut off
    • If cut off, showed nice body control in contorting his body to avoid defender in front and finish
    • 99th percentile as lead man (20 points on 13 possessions – 5/6 from field, 53.8 foul percentage)
  • Needs to work on finishing ability
    • 62nd percentile overall, 91/156 (note, some of these misses account for missed dunks on putbacks)
    • Low shooting foul rate around rim (1.3%)
    • Finishing ability could get better around rim as he gets stronger, but he sometimes looks awkward with his finishes. Needs to work on touch as well.
    • Takes some awkward shots in the paint that he never should have attempted to begin with.
  • Excellent off ball cutter.
    • Does nice job reading defense and cutting when defense overplays.

Defense and Rebounding:

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Off Screen Isolation Post Up
76 72 39 92 13
STL% BLK% TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB% (oRB%/dRB%)
2.3 4.8 5.0 (2.2/2.8) 10.4 (9.6/11.1)
  • Great offensive rebounder, really attacks glass.
    • Moves well to get into position before shot goes up.
    • Looks to finish everything
    • Really explosive grabbing offensive glass
  • That said, needs to attack glass more on defense. With his athleticism, he should be grabbing more defensive rebounds.
  • Active/quick hands and feet on defense. Moves well laterally.
  • Uses length to recover when out of position.
  • Smart help defender. Knows when to help in paint when his man is on weak side, and is quick and athletic enough to get back to the perimeter to his man.
  • Active in passing lanes with his length, but does not gamble.
  • Great shot blocker for guard, good shot blocker overall – good timing.
  • Good isolation defender (92nd percentile). Really knows how to use length, athleticism, and smarts to bother opposing players. 5/22 shooting, 11.5 turnover percentage.
  • PnR Defense
    • Good in PnR, but needs work with positioning – can sometimes jump the screen, anticipating it coming (or being hit by the contact). This would throw off the help defense that anticipates the ball handler using the screen, because he would just reject it (see YouTube video). Needs to wait for screen, and then get over – which he has shown he can do.
    • Can get caught up in screens and does not recover well when it’s a clean pick.
      • This shows in defending off ball screen action, as well.
    • Otherwise, does a nice job getting over the screen in the PnR and recovering to his man.
    • On the flip side, shows some ability forcing ball handler away from screen in PnR
  • Does nice job forcing ball handler into help, but when help is not there, it can lead to an open lane (usually baseline with him).
  • Was bumped off his spot when defending drives this year a few times, including once by Trae Young, who is not known for his strength / ability to knock guys off balance. Needs to get stronger (core/lower body strength).
  • Solid defending spot ups (76th percentile), but footwork comes and goes – sometimes closes out too hard, other times doesn’t contest well enough.
    • Does a good job though not crossing feet when spot up guy puts ball on floor.
  • Post Up defense
    • 13th
    • Needs to get stronger, plain and simple – was often guarding SF/PF instead of SGs, but he is still light for a SG.

Frankie Vision x Front Office Eye Scouting Report Video:



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