Marvin Bagley Scouting Report

Marvin Bagley – PF/C

Scouting report for Marvin Bagley.

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Measurements (against AVG PF below; he’s below average for C for all besides height:

Height (in sneakers) Weight Standing Reach Wingspan
6’11.5 235 N/A 7’0.5
2 inches above Avg weight for PF N/A ‘.75 below avg


Athleticism & Frame:

  • Explosive athlete,
  • Solid frame, but does not look like he can add much more weight without sacrificing athleticism.
  • Quick laterally and light on feet
  • Very fast when he wants to be, but does not go 100% all of the time. Looks like he’s playing slower than he could be.
  • Effortless jumper and gets up high (even with lack of length).
    • Best second and third jump in the draft.
  • Not long for his position


  • PF, who should be able to play some C against less physical Cs and second units
  • Great rebounder who really goes after the ball on both ends
  • Good looking jumper, even if it might be a bit on the slow side
    • Shows real potential as a pick and pop threat and spot up shooter
  • Potential threat in PnR coverage.
  • Moves laterally well, can switch or hedge/recover in PnR coverage
  • Nice finisher in paint with left hand
  • Not much of a passer and gets tunnel vision on drives
  • Defensive awareness issues


17-18 21.0 11.1 1.5 61.4 62.7 .9/.8 64.3 127.7/97.4


17-18 .249 7.7 3

Offense: 66th percentile overall  


Past Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking)

Spot up (including drives) Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) Iso Transition PnR Around Basket
76 88 ( 90/64) 58 67 98 94
  • Efficient around the rim.
    • Nice touch with left hand, but almost exclusively uses left.
    • Can finish through contact
    • Prefers to go with awkward left handed attempt instead of using right hand
  • Posting up
    • Efficient in post 78th percentile
    • Nice array of moves (and footwork) with drop steps, baby hooks, and spins
    • Almost always goes over right shoulder in post
  • Shows potential in PnP with spacing ability – 88th percentile in catch and shoot (17/40)
    • Good looking form on his jumper, even if it is a bit slow
    • Can catch and shoot and looked very comfortable hitting from college three. (small sample)
    • Given form and what he has shown so far, it’s likely he becomes at least a consistent mid-range threat
  • Can face up and drive by with his quickness
    • Again, looks to finish with left instead of right
  • Can get out in transition
    • Runs very well, when he wants to
    • Has potential with grab and go.
    • It does not look like he always really pushes himself and sprints on break
  • Major pick and roll threat (98th percentile)
    • Elite athlete and can really get above the rim, even with his limited length
      • Lob target with vertical spacing
    • Finishes through contact on dunks in paint
    • Does not set great screens with minimal contact.
  • Excellent cutter (90th percentile)
    • Can dive to rim well and finish through contact
    • Loves going through the dunker’s spot
  • Excellent offensive rebounder (87th percentile)
    • Goes after team misses and his own
    • Quick to ball out of area
    • Quickest second and third jump in draft – really quick and explodes up
    • Doesn’t stay boxed out by opponent. Actively goes after ball when shot is up and when it makes contact

Passing and Handle:

Year Assists Turnover Assist% Turnover% USG%
17-18 1.5 2.3 8.8 12.2 26.3
  • Does not see the floor particularly well.
    • When he’s made up his mind to drive, he gets tunnel vision and does not see the court well
    • Will drive into multiple defenders
  • Handle needs work
    • Right now, he’s a hard left hand driver.
      • He has a solid handle going left, but his right one needs work.
    • When defenses play him off his left hand, he gets into trouble
  • Quick first step against slower bigs gives him an edge in face up game
    • Does nice job getting the edge at the point of attack
    • Straight line driver most of the time, but shows potential with spin moves attacking the rim

Defense and Rebounding: 75th percentile overall on defense in MAN ONLY (ignored zone)

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Post up Isolation Around Rim
57 92 96 85 79


STL% BLK% TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB% (oRB%/dRB%)
1.4 2.6 11.1 (4/7.1) 17.9 (13.8/21.5)

Defensive Rebounding

  • Great rebounder and very active on glass.
    • Does not let the ball fall into his hands, he really goes after it
    • Does not let himself get boxed out when the ball goes up
    • Rebounds of position on offense and knows how to read where the ball is going to go. After that, he reacts quickly and goes to that spot.
    • Quick first step helps here too.
    • Explosive vertically, which helps him overcome the lack of length.
      • Question going forward is will this continue against even longer and better athletes? I think it should because he is that good of an athlete.


  • Not very aware on defense
    • Needs to do a better job of seeing his man and the ball.
      • Prone to losing his man on defense because he’s focusing too much on the ball
      • Can lose guys off screens or when opposing player is perimeter oriented (more comfortable guarding guys full time within three point line)
      • At the same time, he’ll sometimes lose track of the strong side action and keep his focus on his man
    • Footwork defending perimeter can improve
      • Prone to crossing feet on perimeter
      • Opens up too much from time to time and takes poor angles
      • Was actually completely turned around when trying to defend the perimeter action
    • Closing out can get better
      • He’s a great athlete, but does not close out well consistently – lazy closeouts with weak efforts
      • In a league that is trending towards bigs playing on the perimeter more, he needs to hone this skill – will become incredibly important going forward.
    • Shows some potential in PnR coverage
      • Before Duke switched to zone defense, Bags showed some potential hedging and recovering to his man.
      • Showed some potential switching onto the ball handler straight up in PnR action. Uses his quickness and length advantage against smaller players on the perimeter.
    • Rim protection potential?
      • This one is a mixed bag. He was effective around the rim at Duke, but that was against smaller and less athletic players than he will be playing in the NBA.
      • It is possible his lack of elite length impacts his rim protection going forward? He’s a great athlete, but the extra length would have helped him a lot.
      • Showed pretty good timing on some block attempts blocking it after the ball was released.
      • Did not really use the principle of verticality often – would go after the blocks instead of just protecting the rim as an area.
    • Isolation defense shows potential
      • Knows how to use quickness and length (against perimeter players) to bother guys beyond three point line
      • Stays in front of his man, but can open up too much or fumble footwork.


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