Trae Young Scouting Report

Trae Young – PG

Scouting report on Trae Young.

**Strength / weakness breakdown at bottom.**

Measurements (against PG below):

Height (in sneakers) Weight Standing Reach Wingspan
6’1.75 177.8 7’11.5 6’3
-.75 -9.2 -2.25 -3

Athleticism & Frame:

  • Quick first step
  • Not particularly quick laterally on defense, though.
  • Not a great frame – very thin and not broad in upper body or have strong base.
    • Apparently he has added weight since the combine (and absolutely has since college ended), but I worry about his frame. Looks fragile and do not think he will handle contact well in pros
      • Was bumped off spot on both ends of the court often
      • Did not finish well in paint in college, and I think it will be difficult for him to get past the athletic / frame limitations in the pros, because he does not have great touch around the rim (which is odd, because he has a nice floater).


  • High level offensive player who can shoot well and see the court well
    • Needs to be guarded well beyond NBA three
    • Shot IQ needs to be worked on. Has some bad habits with shot selection.
    • Looks for contact, which is good and bad. Good if he can get the call…but bad if he does not, because it ends up as a terrible shot or a bad turnover.
    • Has lower release point than you want in a guard, let alone for an undersized one.
    • Very good vision, but passing IQ needs work on. Like shot selection, he has bad habits and makes poor decisions.
      • Turnover prone passing
    • Had to carry major load on offense at Oklahoma.
  • Surprisingly solid rebounder for someone his size
  • Poor defender
    • Watching him play, he just does not play with effort on or off ball
    • Slow to closing out, gets caught up in screens and does not try to recover, gets beaten badly in the post, etc.
  • How will he transition to playing against bigger and better athletes


17-18 27.4 3.9 8.7 42.2 86.1 .3/1.7 58.5 114.7/108.1
17-18 .201 11.2 .5

Offense: 70th  percentile overall  


Past Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking)

Spot up (off ball) Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) Off Dribble Off Screen Isolation Transition PnR Around Basket
44 96 (61/100) 88 95 85 37 75 41

Excellent scorer and needs to be guarded well beyond the three point line

    • Has NBA range now.
    • Could be a major floor spacer.
  • Spot Up (off ball actions, including catch and drive)
    • Solid catch, rip through and attack move when he uses it.
    • Great catch and shoot shooter.
  • Comfortable under pressure or unguarded (average 2PPP in unguarded situations, which is insane).
  • Can run off screens in these situations as well.
    • Stays squared and has a quick (but low) release
  • Nice catch, rip through, and shoot off the dribble
    • 88th percentile in dribble jumpers off the spot up
  • Off Dribble
    • Excellent off the dribble shooter.
    • Pulls from three almost exclusively in this scenario, with very little mid-range game.
      • Only 15 possessions in which he shot it within 3 in the halfcourt, according to Synergy
    • Can shoot off dribble with left or right hand (most right handed players prefer left into shooting pocket, besides Kyle Korver who prefers right – JJ Redick actually is good off both hands as well).
      • Adds an extra dimension because defenses cannot play him for the drive or for the shot.
  • Isolation
    • Good isolation player.
    • Does a nice job mixing it up between drives and jumpers.
    • Sees court well when he’s not in “chuck mode.” (65th percentile on his iso passes)
      • Can drive and kick or hit the cutter/man in dunker’s spot
    • Does a great job getting the defense to commit to him
    • Uses his handle to get the defense off balance and then attack
    • Did not do as well against NBA level defenders (and better college ones) and athletes/players with size on perimeter.
      • Watching how he changes his game in order to beat bigger and more athletic players playing perimeter defense will be an important thing to watch.
    • Transition
      • Even though he’s only 37th percentile in transition, he’s 61st as the ball handler
        • It’s lower because he does not play the wings on the break – this will change in the pros, and should add another dimension to his game (and the team’s offense because he will help space the floor on the break and secondary break).
      • PnR
        • Good pick and roll scorer
        • Has a higher turnover percentage than you’d like (20.6% on his own shot attempts).
        • Heavily reliant on using the screen – does not go away from it
          • This makes him easier to defend because you can bring the help up sooner.
          • Needs to vary this a bit more
        • Varies his shot attempts in PnR
          • Runners, drives, and pull up jumpers
        • Loves the pull up 3 off the pick
          • Can pull from deep and has a quick release, so defense cannot go under
        • Does not handle pressure well in PnR
          • 27% turnover rate when defense commits, and 33.3% turnover rate when they trap
        • Around Basket
          • Does not finish well around the basket
            • 41st percentile in college is bad
          • Does not take contact well, but can draw fouls in the paint
          • Looks for contact, which is good and bad – if he gets call, it’s good because he gets FTs; if no call, it’s a live ball probably going the other way.
          • Gets bumped off spots on drives
          • Needs to learn how to shield the ball better, take better angles, and work on his touch
            • Against bigger players and better athletes, his finishing ability around the basket is a concern

Passing and Handle:

Year Assists Turnover Assist% Turnover% USG%
17-18 8.7 5.2 48.6 18.2 37.1


    • Good
      • Very good vision and sees court pretty well.
        • Can make advanced reads, but he usually sees simple read.
      • Comfortable passing to spot ups, cutters, and nice touch on lobs
      • Ability to pass with either hand, standing still or on move
      • Does good job getting defense to commit to him in PnR
    • Bad
      • Prone to jumping and passing
      • Picks up dribble too much in PnR
      • Turnover prone with some questionable pass attempts
    • Handle
      • Good handle with nice dribble set, but ball can get loose from him at times
        • Lack of strength is evident here, as he can get ball ripped away from him
        • Also needs to be more aware of where defenders are, because ball can get poked away
      • Can lull defender to sleep and then attack off dribble in a drive or a jumper
      • Nice job splitting the double team
      • Nice change of pace and hesitation
      • Good first step

Defense and Rebounding: 49th percentile overall on defense

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Off Screen Isolation
56 30 39 41
STL% BLK% TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB% (oRB%/dRB%)
2.5 .7 3.9 (.4/3.5) 5.8 (1.3/10)

Spot Up

    • Needs work on defending spot up.
      • Opens up too much
      • Does not contest well
      • Does not recover well after being beat off rip and go
    • Poor footwork when he does close out
  • Isolation
    • Falls for too many head phones and dribble moves (hesitations, change of pace, etc)
    • He’s actually pretty quick and does a decent job staying in front of his man, when he wants to put in the effort. However, the effort comes and goes.
    • Gets bumped off his spot in drives due to lack of strength.
    • Effort in isolation is higher than anything involving screen, and he’s obviously more aware because he’s defending the on ball action 1 on 1 – not worrying about screens.
  • Steals
    • Pretty quick hands
    • Gambles too much in passing lanes…and he’s not long enough to do this consistently to get steals or deflections. Needs to be more judicious in his attempts and stay home on his man or in help.
  • PnR Ball Handler
    • Gets caught up in screen
    • Does not recover well when he goes over. Not much effort here.
    • When he goes under, does not get out to shooter and contest…giving up an open jumper.
    • Hands are down instead of active
  • Off Screen
    • Does not see his man and ball. Ball watches too much.
    • Loses his man off ball
    • Does not fight through screens, giving up open jumpers
    • Odd angles when he does recognize his man running off screens, giving up an open driving lane after catching or an open jumper.
  • Help Defense
    • Not a good help defender
    • Does not sink down when he needs to
      • When he is defending off ball in PnR action, he does not cut off the roll man – sticks too close to his man.
    • Not a switch man and will be abused by bigger players, including bigger point guards.

Strength Collaboration with Frankie Vision

Weaknesses Collaboration with Frankie Vision


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