Collin Sexton Scouting Report

Collin Sexton – PG 

Collin Sexton scouting report.

Video scouting reports at the bottom.


Height (in sneakers) Weight Standing Reach Wingspan
6’1.5 183 8’2.5 6’7.25
-1 -4 +.75 +1.25


Athleticism & Frame:

  • Great athlete vertically with a quick first step.
  • Moves well laterally on defense.
  • Quick hands, quick feet.
  • Strong upper and lower body.
    • Looks like he can add a little more weight without compromising athleticism.
    • Plus length for reach and wingspan for the PG position.


  • Attack first PG who has a “bulldog” mentality.
    • He wants to defend, wants to put pressure on opposing defenses by driving
  • Solid off the dribble jumper, bad off ball in catch and shoot situations.
    • Needs to fix form on jumper.
  • Scores well out of the PnR, but does not pass well out of it.
    • Mixes it up with nice combination of drives and dribble jumpers.
  • Does not have good touch or vision (out of PnR) passing the ball.
    • Would be best paired to someone who can create for teammates (assuming he becomes a competent off ball shooter).
  • Has potential to be a great defender with the tools he has, but he needs to work on fundamentals – can lose his man off ball because he ball watches too much, a little jumpy in PnR situations (also does not recover very well), and bits on too many fakes.
    • He does show more than just flashes of his defensive potential, though – it’s just not consistent.
  • Potential in transition.
    • Good as ball handler in transition, but not effective on wings because of lack of jumper.


17-18 19.2 3.8 3.6 44.7 77.8 .8/.1 56.7 113.2/105.2


17-18 .177 6.5 0


Offense: 70th percentile overall


Past Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking)

Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) PnR Scoring Spot up (off ball) Isolation Transition PnR Passing Around Basket
31 (45/19) 87 47 67 61 29 27


Passing and Handle:

Year Assists Turnover Assist% Turnover% USG%
17-18 3.6 2.8 27.8 14.2 32.9
  • Catch and shoot
    • 31st percentile is bad no matter how you slice it.
    • Defense was not concerned with contesting his catch and shoot jumpers because it was not an efficient shot for him.
    • He really needs to improve this in order to reach his potential in the NBA. Without the ability to play off the ball, he severely limits the team’s offensive potential – they can sag off of him and close down the lane, double / send extra help at more important players, etc.
  • PnR Scoring
    • Thrived here – 87th
    • Nice mix of drives, pull up jumpers, runners, and drawing the foul.
    • Needs to improve his handle, but he showed some nice dribble moves out of the PnR on the switch.
  • Spot Up (Off Ball, including catch and shoot, rip through drives, etc) & Dribble Jumpers
    • Overall, split it up nicely between catch and shoots (even with the inefficiency), rip through dribble jumpers, runners, and attacks.
    • 72nd percentile on dribble jumpers.
      • Can go right or left.
      • Keeps good balancing going into his shot and squares up nicely.
    • If he continues to improve his catch and shoot jumpers, his overall numbers will go up – defenses won’t be able to sag off, and he’ll be able to rip through and drive more.
  • Isolation
    • 69th
    • Does nice job seeing the floor out of isolation sets. Even when he’s looking for his shot, he can see the court pretty well.
    • Again, comfortable going right/left.
    • Varied skill set in iso (attacks, floaters, jumpers, etc). His ability to hit the open guy makes his scoring ability more effective because defenses can’t focus in entirely on him.
    • That said, he does not pass out of isos very much. 85% of the time he’s looking for his own offense, which is a shame because he’s in the 69th percentile passing out of it
  • Transition
    • 61st percentile overall.
    • Has athleticism to grab (or receive) and push the ball.
    • His issue on the break comes from his lack of jumper. If he’s not handling the ball, he’s in the 20th percentile on left wing spotting up and 58th on right. Defenses can clog the paint on the ball handler, forcing the kick out and living with the results.
    • 73rd percentile as the ball handler in transition. It would be higher if he could finish better in the paint, but he does not have the best touch around the rim generally speaking.
  • PnR Passing
    • Simply put, he does not see the court well in the PnR.
    • His handle issues come to light here, where the looseness makes it easier for defenders to dig in and poke it free.
    • Questionable decision making, such as making bad passes to guys in poor positions (for example, passing it to a guy who will have nowhere to go upon catching the ball).
    • Does not see the court well in the PnR. He’s a willing passer in the PnR (47% of the time he runs the PnR, he passes), but the results aren’t there.
      • However, the fact that he is a willing passer does look good going forward. Just like with isolation, it makes it harder for defenses to defend.
    • Does not really make advanced reads.
  • Around Basket (paint)
    • 27th percentile around the basket, but 62% shooting at the rim.
    • Can finish at the rim, but needs to work on his touch around the basket.
    • Does a nice job getting to the rim, 36% of his shots come at the rim.
  • Handle
    • Shows some flashes of being a good ball handler, nice spin move, hesitation, etc, but his handle randomly pops loose at times. Might be a focus issue, a pressure issue, or something else, but he should look to tighten his handle.
  • Vision
    • As I said above, he’s a willing passer…but does not see the court that well. He’s not a “pure point” guard and is more of a Westbrook type than anything else.
    • Displays the ability to hit guys on the move.
    • Does not have great touch on passes.
    • As I mentioned previously, he also needs to work on his decision making with the passes. Even though he is a willing passer, sometimes he is giving the ball up where the guy on the receiving end has no space to make the move – that’s obviously not good. A guy receiving the ball where the defense is already rotating to him will not yield good results.


Defense and Rebounding: 53rd percentile overall on defense

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Off Screen Isolation
60 30 61 49


1.6 .3 3.8 7 (4.1/9.8)
  • General observations
    • Has potential because of length + athleticism. Shows some flashes of good awareness, but other times he’s out of it in off ball / help defense.
    • Reaches when he shouldn’t and falls for dribble moves.
    • Gives up angle on drives.
    • Has potential to be a real disruptive defender because of his athletic / length profile, but he needs to work on the fundamentals – not gambling, staying “home” in isolation, etc.
    • Help defense needs work.
      • Needs to do a better job splitting the court / “two-ning” the court when he’s off ball (and, at the very least, when he’s 2+ pases away).
    • He can lose his man off ball when he’s ball watching because he does not do a great job seeing his man and the ball
      • Slight motions, even drifting to the corners, can get him in bad position because he’s only watching the ball.
    • All in all, if he were to clean up his fundamental defense (stop reaching, stop the jumpy feet, etc), I think he can be a solid man to man defender – someone who can stop penetrations. Needs to work on his awareness off ball, but even that can improve just by learning when to leave his man off ball.


  • Spot up
    • Hit or miss.
    • He can close out quickly on the perimeter because of his athleticism + length, but he does not always.
      • There have been times where he just ignored the guy with the ball and let him shoot, even though he easily could have contested the shot.
    • Can sometimes give up the angle on the drive because he opens up too much (not a regular occurrence).
  • PnR Ball Handler
    • Has “jumpy feet.”
      • Gets off balance and gives up angle to drive before any action has really begun.
      • Opens up too much here.
    • Caught going for the steal instead of playing man straight up, again giving up the drive.
    • Does not do a good job getting back to his man to contest the shot.
      • Gives up once the screen is set.
    • Should look to do a better job getting through the screen.
  • Off Screen
    • Does a solid job keeping with his man running off screen.
    • Usually gets low when getting over screen, getting low is good.
    • Athleticism / length comes into play here. Athleticism because he can keep up with quicker guys, length because he can contest from behind the play.
  • Isolation
    • Honestly, this was the one that had me confused.
    • He’s athletic, has quick hands and feet, but is not a particularly good defender.
      • He bites for too many fakes and is not fundamentally sound.
      • Does not do a good job keeping his man in front of him, letting him get to his spot (either rim or pull up jumper) 62% of the time.
        • Needs to do a better job staying in front, which I think should happen if he stopped reaching and played “safe” defense.


Strengths video


Weaknesses video



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