Wendell Carter Scouting Report

Wendell Carter – C

Scouting Report.

Strength & Weakness videos at the bottom.



Height (in sneakers) Weight Standing Reach Wingspan
6’10 251.4 9’1 7’4.5
-1.5 +2.4 -1.25 +1

Athleticism & Frame:

  • Light on feet, but not an explosive athlete
  • Moves well laterally, but does not know technique
    • A solid athlete, but far from your Clint Capella, DeAndre Jordan, etc type of bigs
  • Strong frame and uses it well, especially in DHOs
    • Needs to find a weight that suits him best, but I think if he were to get down to 245, it’d help his athleticism and movement a bit.
    • Also looking forward to him getting on an NBA training plan.
  • Standing reach is a bit below average for a C, which his upsetting. As a big, I consider reach your most important measurement because of rim protection. This matters more, in my opinion, when you are not an elite athlete where you can make up some of the length with explosion.
    • That said, he does use his length well on defense.
    • Nice use of going straight up.
  • Nice wingspan for a C. Bodes well for deflections/steals and makes passes more difficult in hedge and recover situations.


  • Potential two way big, if he is able to improve on defense.
  • Beautiful touch in the paint area, with the ability to go over either shoulder in the post.
  • Excellent passer, especially in high-low situations. Showed some ability to drive and kick, as well as spot the cutter on baseline.
    • Duke used Horns a lot, which is a play every NBA team uses, so he’s used to recognizing cutters off of that already.
    • Nice interior passer as well.
  • Potential as floor spacer. Limited sample size (21/50 on all jump shots), but he shows potential as floor spacer. Rarely used in PnP, but he has a smooth jumper and has shown the ability to hit spot ups – this bodes well for his long term ability to hit threes.
  • Generally speaking, defense needs work…but he definitely has potential there.
    • Great rim protector and uses verticality well.
    • Good post up defender.
    • Makes some beautiful rotations, but other times he will make a perfect first play on defense and not finish out the play.
    • Not good guarding the perimeter with lazy closeouts.
      • Opens up, gives driving lane also.
    • Light on feet, but needs to work on footwork / technique while defending smaller players. Gets blown by way too often.
    • Potential hedge/recover guy with great length and solid mobility.


17-18 13.5 9.1 2.0 56.1 73.8 2.1/.8 62.8 125.3/92.8
17-18 .240 6 7.5

Offense: 90th percentile overall 


Past Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking)

Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) Post up Cut OReb Transition Around Basket PnR Roll
90 (26/87) 38 82 94 73 92 72
  • Catch & Shoot
    • Excellent catch and shoot player, although most of his attempts did come from open looks (27 of 37 shots were open).
    • Shows great and consistent form, same release on every shot.
    • Potential floor spacer going forward.
    • Only 11 total possessions in PnP (3/9, 2 turnovers), but ability to spot up should allow him to add that as part of game going forward.
    • Mentioning again, but he was used in horns a lot, so he has the comfortability splitting up from the elbow for the jumper. Ability to hit low man with the pass gets some good looks from the top.
  • Post Up
    • Great post game with either hand.
      • Can go over either shoulder with either hand.
      • Faces up, drop steps, baseline spins, and bully moves against guys smaller guys.
      • Gets good position and does not gives up.
    • Huge wingspan makes him an easy target to pass to.
    • Nice high release on his post ups.
    • Only 38th percentile scoring, which is not indicative of his post up ability.
    • Great passer out of the post and can see both sides of the court.
      • 66th percentile, team shooting 28/56 on his passes.
  • Cut
    • Dunkers’s spot
    • Lob target off drives.
    • Dives nicely to the ball.
    • Can flash to middle for baby jumper.
    • Again, can finish with either hand and through contact.
    • Soft touch catching passes.
  • OReb
    • Does nice job clearing out space to grab offensive rebounds (which makes him not boxing out on defense slightly more annoying).
      • Uses positioning instead of athleticism to get on the glass.
    • Great scoring off the offensive glass, scoring on 75% of his opportunities with a 26.5% foul rate.
    • Soft hands, soft touch putting it back up.
    • Transition
      • Not the most athletic guy in transition, but moves pretty well.
      • Lob target in transition.
      • Finds open spot on secondary break.
      • Can hit trailing three from top of key.
  • Around Basket
    • Soft touch around basket, 92nd
    • Can finish through contact (19 and 1s) + with either hand.
    • Not the most explosive player, but uses his soft touch to score.
  • PnR Roll
    • 96th percentile as roll man, 72nd overall (including PnP).
    • Sets good screens, freeing up the ball handler to get into the paint and forcing defense to commit
    • Moves to open spot.
    • Soft hands catching ball and finishing.
    • 8/11 in PnR with 25% foul rate.
    • Only 1 lob finish (but finished lobs in other areas) and won’t finish over people.
    • Will probably do better with more spacing.

Passing and Handle:

Year Assists Turnover Assist% Turnover% USG%
2017-18 2 2 13 15.8. 22.8
  • Passing
    • Excellent passer both with touch and vision.
    • Sees court very wel.
    • Great high-low passer, great interior passer.
    • Great passing out of post, especially to spot ups on both sides.
    • When the defense commits to him in the post, only 6.6 turnover percentage – still does a great job hitting open guys (66th percentile).
    • Great in DHOs and really uses body well to get the guy running off the handoff open.
  • Handle
    • Showed some ability to rip and drive, but not an amazing handle (probably label it as “solid).
    • Can drive and kick a bit.
    • Only 5 total isolation possessions all year long, according to Synergy.

Defense and Rebounding: 67th percentile overall on defense

Spot Up Post Up Iso Around Basket
18 97 44 87
STL% BLK% TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB% (oRB%/dRB%)
1.7 7.6 9.1 (3/6.1) 18.4 (12.8/23.2)


  • Shows potential on defense, but overall needs work (focus and technique)
  • Makes some picture perfect defensive rotations, but then does not finish the play
    • Examples: he’ll stop the ball handler, but does not recover to his man at all, stop the drive but does not contest.
  • Loses man off ball.
  • Spot up
    • Not a good spot up defender.
    • Does not contest well, usually with the wrong hand.
      • Prone to not contesting at all.
    • Athleticism might be a limiting factor in his ability to recover from help to the open shooter, which is why the contesting isn’t that great.
    • Opens up too much on the catch, thus giving up the driving lane to the guy he’s closing out on.
      • Needs to learn proper footwork.
    • 8th percentile on catch and shoot situations.
    • Gives up drives on spot ups nearly 20% of the time, which is far too high.
  • Post up
    • Uses strength + length well.
    • Does not get pushed around in the paint, and forces the post up man into off balance shots.
  • Iso
    • Like spot ups, he opens up way too much and gives up wide open lanes to drive.
      • Needs to learn proper footwork.
    • Had many switches onto smaller players this year when Duke played man, and was often just driven right past without much resistance.
    • Does not keep his balance well on perimeter
    • Does not do a good job forcing the man into the help.
  • Around basket
    • Does an excellent job with verticality / keeping hands straight up.
    • Nice timing on blocks.
    • Shows some picture perfect rotations in help defense, but the consistency is not there yet. (Flashes are great for his age, though.)
  • Defensive rebounding
    • Great defensive rebounder, but does not box out
      • This is an easy fix, so nothing to worry about…just would like to see him actually find someone and box him out.
      • Going to much harder to just jump up and grab the ball against superior athletes in the NBA.

Strength Video Breakdown


Weakness Video Breakdown



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