Elie Okobo Scouting Report

Elie Okobo, PG

Scouting report

Video version at bottom

Measurements (against PG):

Height (in sneakers) Weight Standing Reach Wingspan
6’3 180 N/A 6’8
+.5 -7 N/A +2


Athleticism & Frame:

  • Good frame, has gotten stronger over last couple of years.
    • Has shown ability to take contact and finish through it, 11 and ones.
  • Not an elite athlete, but is a good one.
  • Nice burst with quick first step.
  • Moves feet well laterally and can keep guys in front of him on defense.



  • Has potential to be a real two-way player.
  • Needs work with effort on defense, but he when he’s locked in he’s a high level defender
  • Nice PnR scoring + passing ability, and sees the floor well (no tunnel vision, can hit spot up, role man, and cutters).
  • Low release on jumper, but it works (even when contested). Will it translate?
  • Ability to play on ball and off ball.
  • Turnover prone, so needs to work on keeping them down.




17-18 13.81 2.72 4.72 48.9 83.5 .19/.92 62.4


Offense: 62nd percentile overall 


Past Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking)

Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) PnR Offense Transition Spot Up (off ball) PnR Pass Around Basket Iso
77 (86/57) 71 32 84 43 58 73

Passing and Handle:

Year Assists Turnover Assist% Turnover% USG%
17-18 4.8 2.7 N/A N/A N/A



  • Off Ball (catch and shoot + spot up)
    • Excellent off ball shooter.
      • Catch & Shoot, 86th percentile overall – 41% shooting.
    • Moves to open spot, has quick release (even if it is a low release with a lower dip down to the hip)
    • Has some potential off screens, but his release is probably not compact enough for him to be used as someone who can run off multiple screens. I think this is where the low release point comes into play. Shot only 4/14 off screens.
    • Should look to switch it up off ball and not only take jumpers.
      • ~80% of his possessions he takes the jumper.
      • With his quickness, ability to get into paint with rip through and drive, and vision, he should look to drive a bit more on hard closeouts.
      • Only 12% of his shots ended in runners / drives to the basket (the remaining % were turnovers / times he was fouled)


  • PnR Offense
    • 71st percentile in PnR offense.
    • Uses screen well.
    • Likes coming off the pick and taking the three.
    • Does a solid job mixing it up, 56% of his shots are jumpers, 40% are attacks, and 4% are turnovers/fouls.
    • However, he should look to turn away from the screen a bit. Nearly 80% of his attacks were him using the screen. If he varies it a bit more, he’ll get the defense on their heels on the strong side opening up drive and kicks to the corner.


  • Transition
    • Only 32nd percentile overall in transition.
    • Takes too many pull up jumpers from three and drives into multiple defenders.
    • As ball handler, he was in the 43rd percentile, finishing only 17/33 attempts (which is low).
    • 19% turnover rate overall in transition, 24% as ball handler. These are too high.


  • PnR Pass
    • 43rd percentile overall passing, but this is not indicative of his ability.
    • Uses screens well and has nice change of pace.
    • He does a nice job seeing the entire court, and can hit cutters, spot ups, and the roll man.
      • Mixes up his passes, roll man 46%, 38% spot ups, 16% cutters.
    • Only 7.9% turnover rate, but Synergy categorized some of his turnovers as shot attempts when they were either loose handle or poor passes.
      • Tries to force the pass where he shouldn’t.
      • Can do a better job being aware of where the help defense is coming from over the top and where the pressure is coming from the back.
    • Does a nice job keeping his dribble alive along the baseline (“Steve Nashing” the baseline), and can cut backwards for the pass or for the finish.
    • All in all, I do think he is a good PnR player. Putting him in more space with better team will allow him to get to the paint better and fully use his vision. The court was cluttered and he did not have much room to operate.


  • Around Basket
    • 58th percentile around basket, 55th on runners.
      • Finished 60.5% of his shots around the basket, which is good for a guard.
    • Left hand dominant, but has nice touch.
    • Long term potential with floaters.
    • Can take contact and finish around the rim (2nd on team with 11 and ones, behind two bigs who were tied with 13).


  • Iso
    • Shows some potential in isolation, 64th percentile overall
    • Not turnover prone (6.1% overall, only 8% when the defense commits).
    • Heavy on drives, which includes drives into dribble jumpers (68.5% of the time, and only in 28th percentile).
      • 92nd percentile in jumpers.
    • Shot selection can improve here. Settles for tough jumpers as he begins the drive, when he can get to the basket / has someone else open.
    • 82% of the time he takes the shot, 18% of the time he passes.
      • 29th percentile on passes out of isolation, team shooting only 36% on the situations (variance issue because of poor shooting?).
  • Handle
    • Needs to tighten up handle.
    • Shows some potential with dribble moves, but the ball gets away from him at times.
    • This is an easier fix going forward, so I’m not worried.


  • Vision
    • Sees the court very well.
    • Does a nice job seeing cutters, spot ups, and roll man (in PnR).
      • Sees open lanes and thinks he can get ball through, so tries…but the ball gets away because the pass is too difficult. Needs to pull back on fitting the ball through tight spaces, because players in the NBA are longer and more athletic – they already get picked off now, and it could become a bigger issue in the NBA.
      • Sometimes the safest pass is the best pass – needs to remember this.
    • Not a “pure” point, but can run an offense…even if he might be a bit shot heavy at times and needs to work on his selection.




Defense and Rebounding: 82nd percentile overall on defense

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Post Up Isolation Around Basket
43 83 84 12 51


STL% BLK% TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB% (oRB%/dRB%)
N/A N/A 2.8 (.4/2.4) N/A
  • Right now, even though Synergy has him in the 82nd percentile, I don’t think that’s truly indicative of the type of defender he is now.
    • When he’s at his peak (locked in), he definitely is…but his effort comes and goes.
    • He has the potential to be a very nice defender, and it’s mostly dependent on his focus.



  • Spot up
    • 43rd percentile overall
    • Can do a better job closing out consistently.
    • 54th percentile defending on catch and shoot.
    • When he’s actually closing out fully off ball, he does a really nice job keeping guys in front of him.
    • Gives up a drive on less than 10% of spot up opportunities, usually because he opens up too much.
    • His length + athleticism gives him the ability to close out slightly further away…again, when he wants to.
    • Does not have great effort getting back into the play when he’s on the offensive player’s hip.
    • He can do a better job getting through the screens off ball.
      • Can lose his man off ball as well, but he usually reacts quickly when he recognizes this.


  • PnR Ball Handler
    • Does not do a good job getting through the screens (gets caught up).
    • Poor job getting back into the play after he’s been screened.
      • Gives up drive on 47% of the time he’s involved in the PnR…that’s not good. He can really do a better job getting back into the play, because he’s shown he can do this before.
      • When he’s behind the ball handler, he sticks his hand in to the dribble to try and poke it free.
    • Not big enough to switch, unless if it’s momentarily and the team has him paint switching immediately thereafter (like what Boston did in the playoffs to help Rozier)
    • Does not force many tough passes or shots, but it is not entirely on him – big man defender was not always in great position.
    • Hands are not always out, length would be a nice way to help disrupt passing lanes.
    • Can get jumpy at times and give up driving lanes.
    • Doesn’t see ball handler and screen (sometimes just screener) and gives lane to drive for ball handler.
    • These are all fixable issues, which is part of why I am high on his defensive potential.
    • Post up
      • Only 16 post ups, but his post up defense was solid (87th percentile is mostly because of easy misses (I counted at least 4 post ups that should have been finished).
        • Would sometimes concede the advantage if the guy posting up was bigger, and other times would push back.
      • Sample size is really small, and I don’t think he’s a switch man, but I think he could do a solid job against some post up guards.
      • Hand placement needs work, as they would sometimes be down (such as against Levaillones on March 3rd).


  • Around Basket
    • 51st percentile overall.
    • Uses length well and does a nice job forcing offensive player into help defense.
    • Can get bounced off his spots driving, but this should get better as he continues to get stronger.
      • He’s actually shown some good ability to withstand some body bumps, but I’d like to see him get stronger and keep his stance.


  • Isolation
    • This is probably where I am higher on him than most.
    • Only 12th percentile, but he has the quickness / length to really be a menace.
    • When he’s zoned in, he does a really nice job keeping guys in front of him (the main issue is screens)
    • Shows good balance and uses his arms well, when he wants to.
    • Issue comes from getting back into players. Once he’s been beaten, there is no effort getting back in. Also reaches a bit too much when he shouldn’t (but his hands are overall active looking for angles to steal, which is good).
    • Footwork can get a bit awkward at times (crosses feet), but he is able to overcome that with his length/athleticism.



Video scouting report



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