Troy Brown Jr Scouting Report

Troy Brown, G

Scouting report

Video report at bottom

Measurements (against SG):


Height (in sneakers) Weight Standing Reach Wingspan
6’6.75 208 8’9 6’10.25
+1.5 +6 +4 +1.75


Athleticism & Frame:

  • Good frame, looks like he can add some more muscle.
    • Uses strength well.
  • Not an explosive athlete, but more “smooth.”
    • Has a quick first step on offense, though.
    • Moves well laterally.
    • Issue is more his vertical athleticism than his horizontal.



  • Potential two-way point forward.
  • Can create from the off guard position, does nice job running PnR and seeing court, nifty handle with good vision.
  • Does nice job getting into paint, but touch around rim is questionable.
  • Cannot shoot in catch & shoot or off dribble. He needs a lot of work here.
  • Smart cutter off ball. Moves to the open spot and reads where the defense is playing him. If he is able to improve his shooting ability, this weapon becomes even greater because he can extend the areas where he is cutting to.
  • Good rebounder.




17-18 11.3 6.2 3.2 44.4 74.3 .2/1.6 53.2 105.7/102.4


Offense: 46th  percentile overall 


Past Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking)

Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) PnR Offense Transition Spot Up (off ball) PnR Pass Around Basket Iso
25 (34/15) 66 46 27 53 82 47

Passing and Handle:

Year Assists Turnover Assist% Turnover% USG%
17-18 3.2 2.5 18.7 18.8 21
  • Off Ball (Catch & Shoot, Spot Up)
    • 25th percentile catching and shooting, 27th percentile in spot up (off ball action)
    • Defense would play off of him daring him to shoot and clogging up the paint.
    • Simply put, he’s not a good shooter at all. Form does not look broken and I do think he has long term potential shooting the ball, but he needs reps…and until he has the shot down, the rest of his game will likely be hampered.
    • Spotting up, he was still able to drive to the rim 21% of the time…which is impressive given how teams were playing him. On these drives, he was in the 56th percentile shooting 14/26.
    • 4/18 shooting off dribble in these situations



  • PnR Offense
    • 70th percentile overall, but 17% turnover rate.
    • Almost always dribbles off the pick (91% of the time). This probably has to do with his lack of elite burst, although he does have a solid first step.
    • Does a nice job mixing up his shot attempts – 33% dribble jumpers, 18% runners, 45% drive to basket (94th percentile!), and the remaining are turnovers.
      • Fouled 29% of the time on his drives off the pick.
      • Does a really nice job getting into the paint off the pick.
    • IF he’s able to improve his dribble jumper, this will open up the drive even more. Defenses will have to get up on him, or risk giving up the jumper. Granted, he’d have to move the range out to three (or to the FT line) because teams are willing to give up long twos, which are generally speaking open shots in the PnR.



  • Transition
    • 46th percentile overall, shooting 42/79 in this situation.
    • 93rd percentile as the lead ball handler, which is great, BUT he turned the ball over 23% of the time…which is way too high.
    • His biggest issue in transition was decision making, as you can see from the video below, but also his inability to space the floor.
      • Defense were forcing the ball out to the wing when he was playing one of the wings, and he did not do well in these situations – 12th percentile on left wing (6/17 shooting) and 20th percentile on right (8/22 shooting).
      • Would sometimes drive into traffic / make poor attempts in transition passing.
    • Liked to run the break (~25% of his possessions) and is definitely a grab and go guy at the next level thanks to his rebounding ability.



  • PnR Passing / Playmaking / Vision / Handle
    • 53rd percentile in PnR passing with a miniscule 7% (!) turnover rate.
    • Makes smart decisions passing the ball and sees the court well.
      • Might force a pass where the roll man does not have much room to operate, but few and far between.
    • 82nd percentile hitting roll man, but only 26th percentile on spot ups (Oregon shot 8/29 shooting, which was not Brown’s fault).
    • He actually looked to pass MORE than he looked to shoot while running the PnR (52% vs 48%)
    • Soft touch on passes.
    • High level off ball creator.
    • Makes crisp passes into the shooting pocket.
    • Good swing guy.
    • Unselfish, maybe to a fault?
    • Good vision.
    • I’m very excited about his potential IF he improves his jumper. It will open up his passing game so much more, because they’d have to close out harder and actually worry about the potential shot.
    • He did his damage as a passer, even though teams would play him for the pass – daring him to shoot.
    • Smooth handle with some nice moves and counter moves.
      • Likes the spin move, and uses it effectively around defenders.


  • Around Basket
    • 82nd percentile overall, BUT he only finished 62.5% of his shots near/around the paint
    • He’ll make a great move getting into the paint, but would not finish well.
    • Athleticism could be an issue at the next level (and was an impediment to his finishing ability in college), but his touch was the major issue.
      • He would miss open looks with no contest with both hands, as shown in the video.


  • Isolation
    • Only about 7% of his offense and he was only in the 47th percentile creating offense for himself…but he was in the 80th percentile in isolations including passes (which is great).
    • 75% of the time he looked for his own offense, 25% he’d look for others.
      • This is actually a better ratio than some points, who are around 80-20.
    • 22% turnover rate when looking for his own offense, only 11% in passing situations.
    • 92% of his offense in isolations came off of drives, 8/15 shooting.
      • Impressive given how teams would play him for the drive and dare him to shoot.
      • Very rarely took jumpers in iso situations.
    • 92nd percentile when the defense commits, although he has a 33% turnover rate
      • Drive and kick in these situations.
      • Does a nice job getting the defense to commit to him before he sends pass to the open man.


Defense and Rebounding: 83rd percentile overall on defense

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Post Up Isolation Around Basket
60 78 36 87 72


STL% BLK% TRB (oRB/dRB) TRB% (oRB%/dRB%)
2.9 .8 6.2 (1.5/4.7) 12 (5.9/18)
  • Quick hands, solid movement laterally, and good anticipation.
    • Knows when to poke his hand in to get the steal without leaving his man.
    • Does not take many risks.
  • Curious to see how his lack of elite lateral movement will affect his defense at the next level, but he does not move like he has stone feet – still moves well.
  • Nice job keeping in front of guys and can use his length to recover on jumpers.
  • Smart in help defense.
    • Can rotate in help and then recover to his man.



  • Spot Up
    • 60th percentile overall (47.2% of his defensive possessions).
    • Does a nice job keeping guys in front of him (65% of his possessions in spot up ended up in catch and shoot or dribble jumpers).
      • 23% of his defensive possessions came in drives to basket, but he used his length to recover well and would force driver into help.
      • Shot only 12/28 in these situations.
    • Recovers well with length.
    • 80th percentile defending all jumper situations.
    • 57th percentile defending catch and shoot (only shooting 28/83 shooting)
    • 95th percentile in defending dribble jumpers (7/40!)



  • PnR Ball Handler
    • 85th percentile in single coverage, 78th overall
    • Ball handler only shooting 14/53 when it’s 1 on 1 coverage.
    • Does a nice job forcing ball handler away from screen, 25% of the attempts in PnR
    • Does a nice job recovering in PnR to force a dribble jumper (98th percentile, shooting 2/20)…but…
    • He does allow the drive too often – 57% of the time in PnR.
      • That said, he does a nice job getting back into the play after the screen and the guy is driving – makes his way back to the ball handler. 81st percentile when the guy drives to the basket (runners not included).
        • Shooting 2/5 on runners, 5/18 on drives to basket.


  • Post up / Around Basket
    • Only 4% of his possessions on defense in post up situations.
    • Uses verticality well, but can get pushed around by bigger players.
      • He tries to get position before the post up occurs, but he needs work.
    • Could be solid switch option going forward, if he’s able to get stronger.
    • Uses length well when coming over to help.
    • Smart in rotations and can get back to his man.
      • “Two-nines” the court and overloads the strong side well.
      • Quick enough / long enough to get back to his man if there is a swing pass.


  • Isolation
    • 90th percentile in single coverage, and 87th percentile overall.
      • Including dribble jumpers on drives, he’s in 95th
    • Moves well laterally and does a nice job keeping guys in front of him.
    • Uses length well to contest jumpers and drives.
    • Good anticipation.
    • Appears to be aware of where the help can come from + where the other offensive players are positioned on the court.
    • 95th percentile in dribble jumpers, shooting 7/40.
      • Again, does a nice job staying in front and contesting the shot.



Video scouting report


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