Luke Doncic Scouting report

Luka Doncic – G/F

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Unofficial Measurements (against AVG SF below):  

Height (in sneakers) Weight Standing Reach Wingspan
6’8 228 N/A N/A
+.25 +10 N/A N/A

Athleticism & Frame:

  • Not an explosive athlete
  • Not particularly long, but appears to have a + wingspan
  • Solid weight on him, but is not very strong (some baby fat?)
    • Looking forward to seeing how he improves his strength once he gets on an NBA training program
  • Good hands


  • Best SG prospect I’ve scouted entering the draft since Brandon Roy, and best international prospect I’ve ever scouted. This does not mean he will be the best in the league, but he comes in the most NBA ready with a huge tool set.
  • Unbelievable vision
    • Sees whole court and can make every pass in book
      • This can lead to some questionable passes that he should not be making because he sees the opening and knows he can make it…but it’s a tight hole, and he can forces it anyway.
    • Excellent passer with great touch
  • Uses screens really well
  • Great body control on drives and in paint
  • More of a scorer who can beat you in many areas vs a clear cut shooter
    • Can improve shot (inconsistent right now), but is a solid shooter
    • Post up, iso, catch and shoot, dribble jumpers, etc. He can beat you anywhere on court scoring the ball.
  • Solid team defender, but needs work closing out and in isolation
    • Lack of elite burst hurts him here
    • Does not have great footwork on perimeter and does not put effort into closing out
    • Gets hung up in screens


17-18 14.47 5.27 4.55 45 79.6 .38/1.12 59.5




Euroleague Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking): 70th percentile overall

Spot up/off ball (including drives) Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) Iso Transition PnR Around Basket Post up
82 47 (67/29) 44 83 92 64 52

FIBA Season Synergy stats (Percentile ranking): 91st percentile overall

Spot up (including drives) Catch & Shoot (guarded/unguarded) Iso Transition PnR Around Basket
98 76 (88/41) 68 68 86 98


  • Off ball
    • Good catch and shoot scorer, but results are inconsistent (odd his guarded % is so much higher than unguarded).
      • Can be fixed with more reps
      • Form is smooth with no inconsistencies that need to be fixed
    • Can catch, rip through and drive to rim or into a dribble jumper (74th percentile in league)
      • Beautiful runner with great touch (95th percentile in league)
    • Unselfish and will make the next pass to get a better look
    • Comfortable off screens (90th percentile)
      • Gets feet set quickly, and release stays consistent
  • ISO
    • Comfortable in ISO situations.
    • Even though he will not attack off dribble often and beat his man because of lack of elite first step, he lulls the defender to sleep with his handle and is able to get by like that
    • Big fan of the step back jumper from mid-range and three
    • Has a good dribble jumper (74th percentile in league)
      • That said, takes too many dribble jumpers
  • Transition
    • Great in transition
    • Can fill lane or play on side as spacer / running floor
    • Comfortable pulling up for a three, or attacking the rim
    • Can grab and go because of size / good rebounding ability
    • 29% foul rate in transition
  • Excellent in PnR overall (92nd percentile in league play)
    • As scorer, he was in the 84th percentile in league play
    • Does nice job using the screen and either “snaking” it to make sure he gets the switch and attacking from there, or pulling up if the defender gives him space (going under or otherwise)
    • Settles for jumper too often due to lack of quickness
  • Good post game
    • Has variety of moves including drop steps and fadeaways
    • Loves the fade
    • Uses size well to beat on smaller defenders
  • Excellent touch around basket (64th percentile in league play)
    • Not explosive around the rim, but has great touch, body control, and uses angles and his body well
      • Great use of floaters in paint (95th percentile in league play)
      • Uses his body to shield the ball and his shot from defenders
      • Can take contact and finish through it
    • Lower foul rate around basket than expected – only 8.5% in league play
  • Not really a major offensive rebounder. More perimeter oriented.

Passing and Handle:

Year Assists Turnover
17-18 4.55 2.14


  • Primary creator or secondary creator
    • Can do both at an incredibly high level
  • Handle
    • Good handle overall
      • Nice mix of dribble moves, change of pace moves, and uses his body to shield defender when necessary
      • However, it can get a little loose at times…but not enough for it to be a cause for concern
      • As always, handles can improve pretty easily. I expect the same here.
    • Passing
      • Unbelievable passer
        • Really sees the court well everywhere on the court
        • Uses his height, and great vision to its fullest effect
        • Really makes the defense focus on everything that is happening on the court because he can make every pass
      • Exceptional in PnR as a passer (90th percentile in League play), and can see the roll man, cutters, and spot ups
        • This includes cross court looks, which he gets off cleanly
      • Risky passes
        • He has unbelievable vision, but this leads to some careless turnovers
          • He makes unnecessary passes on occasion
          • Sometimes does not give it to the easier pass and tries to get the ball in to the tighter space. He sees the opening, and knows he can get it in there, but some passes should not be made.
          • Should be fixable with some coaching


Defense and Rebounding: 19th percentile overall in League play

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Post up Isolation Around Rim Off screen
20 22 31 57 51 29

Defense and Rebounding: 30th percentile overall in FIBA

Spot Up PnR Ball Handler Post up Around Rim
47 15 15 25


Defensive Rebounding

  • Even with his limited athleticism, he positions himself well and goes after the ball
  • Uses his strength pretty well on the glass when he needs to
  • Can grab and go to start the transition
  • Rebounding should more or less translate in the NBA, but it is something to look out for because of his limited vertical explosiveness


  • Solid team defender, but needs work elsewhere
    • When he is on weak side, he does a nice job “2-9ing the floor”
    • Does solid job watching ball and man, but does not get back out to contest when he was in help mode and ball goes to his man
    • Actually rotates pretty well
  • Not quick laterally and gets exposed in space
    • Has issues keeping up with guys running off screen
  • Despite his size, he gets pushed around too easily in the post
    • Little push back, not physical enough
    • Far too upright in stance. Lower position win, and he’s very upright in post
  • Lazy closing out
    • Does not really get out to shooters
    • Late close outs, lazy closeouts with hands at half-mast instead of actually contesting
    • Does not move well to perimeter to contest due to athletic holdbacks
    • Can get blown by off ball because he opens up too much when he does get out
      • Footwork needs improvement
  • PnR defense needs work
    • Jumps screen, getting off balance and giving ball handler angle to get to his spot
    • Gets held up in screens (which also explains the 29th percentile in off screen situations in league play)
    • Again, does not get out to shooters in PnR
      • 33rd percentile in league play when the offensive player uses the screen and takes the jumper
  • Not a rim protector


Strength Collaboration with Frankie Vision


Weaknesses Collaboration with Frankie Vision


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